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The MidTown Manatee commercial neighborhood is a partnership with the 14th Street West Community Redevelopment Area. Additional information, assistance, and other topics of interest may be found at these websites.


14th Street West CRA

Midtown Manatee is located in the 14th Street West Community Redevelopment Area. Community redevelopment areas are designed to attract commercial and building investments in an effort to improve the area, increase the tax base and to encourage public and private improvements.  The 14th Street West CRA extends from the Bradenton City limits at 26th Avenue West to Cortez Road (north to south) and generally 9th Street West to 18th Street West (east to west). Improved property value generates funding for improvements in the MidTown Manatee commercial and residential neighborhoods.


Economic Development

Economic development focuses limited resources on securing business investment and employment. The Manatee County Economic Development Division of Neighborhood Services Department provides incentives and services that help existing and potential businesses to grow and create quality jobs for residents. By enabling industries and exports to grow, wealth is created for the citizens and businesses of Manatee County.


Neighborhood Services Department

Neighborhood Services is a broad department dedicated to improving Manatee County communities through Economic Development, Community Development, Libraries and Neighborhood Planning.


Business Recovery

Make your business more resilient and enable more efficient recovery from unforeseen events.


Manatee County Economic Development Corporation

Manatee County welcomes you to explore economic opportunity and choices for entrepreneurs and corporations seeking to grow businesses where employees want to live.

Neighborhood Services Department

1112 Manatee Avenue West,  5th Floor

Bradenton, Florida




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By: Rashid Azar

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